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House Specialities ~~~~~ ~~~~ The   dishes   shown   are   recommendations.   They   can be   cooked   with   meat,   chicken,   fish   or   vegetables   on request.   You   may   also   choose   to   have   mild   medium or   hot.   Please   tell   your   waiter   how   you   would   like your dish prepared.
Saffron Multani Highly flavoured barbequed chicken with garlic, carriander and oriental spices. Saffron Special Massala Pieces of chicken cooked with minced lamb with our special herbs and spices Sho-Coo-Tee Exotic curry of Goa. Tender chicken cooked to perfection, spicy not hot. Saffron Shugona Fresh fish from Bay of Bengal, marinated and cooked to chef’s special recipe. King Prawn Delight Cooked with mild cheese and fresh cream Munchurian Chicken Medium to mild, cooked with tomatoes Lamb or Chicken Passanda Mildly cooked with fresh spice and a touch of red wine. Bengal Chicken Bhuna Chef’s special curried on the bone drumsticks cooked in a thick rich sauce. Chicken Tikka Massala Cooked with our House Special Massala Spices. Bengal Chicken Morisa On the bone drumsticks, cooked inn Chef’s special sauce with green chillies Karahi Chicken or Lamb Medium Spiced with capsicum, tomatoes and onions (Served in an iron karahi) Chicken Tikka Rezala Tender barbeque chicken cooked with green chillies, capsicum, and tomatoes in a thick yoghurt sauce. Lamb Laziz Pieces of Lamb garnished with mince and flavoured by Mint Chicken Tikka Makhani Very mild cooked with creamy yoghurt sauce. Morisha Chicken, Lamb or Prawn. Hot cooked with green chillies and tomatoes Lahori Chicken or Lamb Medium Spiced with Chickpeas Special Chicken or Lamb Tikka Tawa Cooked with green peppers, onions and tomatoes in a spicy sauce. Chicken Goshtoba Fairly hot with a thick sauce Special Duck Karahi Medium spiced with capsicum, tomatoes and onions (served in an iron karahi.
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Saffron Authentic Indian Cuisine
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