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Saffron Authentic Indian Cuisine
Oh what a hidden Gem 15 November 2015  First   time   I   came   here   in   my   search   for   independent   restaurants   in   and   around   St   Albans. This   place   is   truly   a   hidden   gem   their   Lamb   Madras   and   mushroom   rice   is   the   best   I   have had in the UK !! I Know high praise but truly lovely food. Omg they left the pickle tray !!!! 7 November 2015 Yes   its   that   easy   to   get   5   stars   out   of   me.   Shame   on   those   Indian   restaurants   who   scrimp the   pennies   and   rob   me   of   my   mango   chutney   and   lime   pickle   early.   And   there   was   a complimentary starter and the wine is resonably priced. Great food too. A lot to like ! Wow ! 30 August 2015 I   have   been   here   many   times   with   the   family.   Also   been   here   for   my   last   two   birthdays   and my   father's   day   for   my   dad.   Love   the   sag   paneer   and   chicken   saag.   Coconut   dip   which comes   with   the   poppadoms   is   heavenly.   100%   recommend   to   anyone.   Staff   are   lovely   and service is great. Superb Takeaway Discovery - Deliver to Redbourn ! 4 July 2015 After   positive   reviews   on   a   local   parents   network   I   decided   to   give   it   a   try.   Impressed   by the   extensive   range   on   the   menu   and   we   tried   3   curries   unknown   to   us   from   the   Chef Specials   -   and   what   a   fantastic   treat   !!!   No   oil   slick,   lovely   chicken   and   fish,   tasty   and unusual   -   as   well   as   the   nutty   and   lemon   pilau   we   ordered.   So   good   that   3   weeks   later   we have   ordered   again   and   tried   3   other   curries   new   to   us   and   again   delicious.   Relieved   to have at last found a fab Indian Restaurant that will deliver to Redbourn after 11 years !